Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Munday Masterpiece - Week 3 - Zombies

Submission for an art group/community project on Facebook.  Hope ya like :)

"To End All Wars" Article in The Independent

There's an article in today's Independent about the WW1 anthology book, which features a story written by Andy Luke, drawn by me and lettered by John Robbins, called "To End All Wars."

A page from our story, "Brand of Britain", which gets honourable mention in the foreword of the anthology by Pat Mills.

To End All Wars will be published later this year to tie in with the centennial, and proceeds from the book will go to Medicine Sans Frontières.

You can read the article (along with two of the 27 stories) here:

And you can preorder the book on Amazon:


To End All Wars official site.
You can find Andy at his website and on Twitter.
John Robbins is also on the web.

Monday, 31 March 2014

New Web Comic Character Design

Another week, another addition to the character gallery for our upcoming web comic.  More news and images to follow.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Web Comic Concept Art - First Character Design Revealed

Finally ready to reveal the first finished character design for our currently developing web comic.
For the full image of this character, and to see the process of creating him, read on.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Paddy's Day Prints Competition

Over on Facebook, a group of seven Irish illustrators (myself included) are grouping together to give away some prints of our artwork to three lucky people.

Friday, 7 March 2014

A Long Overdue Update

In a happy turn of events, I have never been busier than the past two months hence no blog updates for a while.  Here's a quick rundown of everything I've failed to keep you posted about.

1. The League of Volunteers - Issue Five

Probably the most exciting thing I've worked on so far, The League of Volunteers is an Irish comic published by Atomic Diner and the prolific Rob Curley.  I was asked to jump in on issue five to take over for Stephen Byrne who has a lot of enviable art credits to his name and is currently living and working in the States (lucky guy).  I'm not sure when the issue will be out but, except for a few minor edits, it's finished and, written by Neil Sharpson, it's a blinder.  I'll share more information when I get it, but in the meantime here's the provisional cover art.

Artwork subject to change.

2. #PaddyPrints Competition

I've teamed up with six other Irish illustrators to create a competition giving away a set of seven prints (one by each of us) to three lucky winners.  The competition is running over on Facebook and you can find more information on what to do in order win, below:

The other artists involved are a follows (click the links for the Facebook pages and some incredible artwork): Tommie Kelly, Cliodhna Ztoical, Ciaran Lucas, Ben Hennessy, Carole Fannon, and John Cullen.

I'll do a new blogpost in a day or two, showing the actual prints (you can check the most of them by visiting the individual artists' Facebook pages also), but mine is going to be the League of Volunteers piece shown above.

3. Innocent Tales issue 2 Is Out In Digital And Print!

That's right, the latest release from Green Monkey Comics is now available in digital and print from their online shop.  Issue two of Innocent Tales features a story written by Gavin McCumiskey, drawn by myself and coloured by the wickedly talented (yeah, that clip of John Travolta bumbling at the Oscars is really stuck in my head) Eoin Hurrell.  With a cover by the one and only Tommie Kelly and only €2 for a digital download, it's worth checking out!

I'll have another post (hopefully) in a few days but right now, I'm still ridiculously busy :)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Web Comic Concept Art - Beards and Sunglasses

Finally got the ball rolling on some concept art for the as-yet-untitled web comic I'll be producing with longtime friend and wordsmith S.G. O'Hagan.  The development process is going to be a drawn out one, balancing it on the side of other work, so I'll be teasing out concept art over the coming weeks/months as I get to work on it.  I'll withhold any plot/story details for the time being and just see how the visuals are received.

As you can see, the development of this guy was pretty much "What combination of beard and shades looks best?"
The shape of the beard is intentional, something specified by S.G. in his notes.  Next I'll have to design a body to rest that epic beard on...

Feel free to leave any comments/feedback.

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